Need help to create asp

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I would like to know how to open the webpage with iframe.
For each product, the webpage is constructed with two parts, one is
menu and the other is product in html.
In other words, the product description is loaded in the iframe window
of the menu page.
Since the product page is loaded in the iframe. I don't get the direct
url. Actually, I do have
direct url for each production. But, when I open the webpage with
these urls, it only opens
the product page(child page) without the meny page(parent page).
I want to have a direct url so that if I type it, it opens the page of
product with menu page(parent page).
Someone recommend me to use asp. But, I don't know how.
I'm thinking of using for example a URL string, eg something like...

but I don't know how to pass the value for an iframe in a URL.

Does anyone out there know how to do this with asp?

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