Need help in javacript

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How can I make a alpha numberic validation in javascript.

I want that the box should accept both alphabets and numbers..

Re: Need help in javacript

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Use concerted effort.

Neredbojias /
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Re: Need help in javacript

Anubhav star wrote:
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Javascript question --> Javascript newsgroup.


Re: Need help in javacript

On Sun, 04 May 2008 00:32:03 -0700, Anubhav star wrote:

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Google 'javascript + form validation'.  There are plenty copy and paste

You may also want to look at

This site has a lot of great scripts.

Re: Need help in javacript

Scripsit frank:

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Most of them worse than crap, of course. Everybody can put up a web page
that presents some HTML markup, CSS stylesheet, JavaScript code, or
something else and example. Everybody often does that, typically with
little clue of anything.

_Especially_ a topic like "alphabets [i.e., alphabetic characters] and
numbers" is _so_ easily mishandled by people who don't even know that
there are different alphabets and different sets of numbers. Moreover,
there's almost always a reason to impose _additional_ restrictions.

Quick test: what happens when "é" ("e" with acute accent) is entered?
Will it crash the form handler, or generate completely bogus data, or
just get rejected as nonalphanumeric (despite being very much
alphanumeric in reality, though not always matching some additional

Reading a JavaScript book, consulting JavaScript FAQs (if they still
exist and look reasonable), and eventually asking for specific help in
the specific comp.lang.javascript group would be my way. Everyone is
entitled into choosing his own way and taking a road to the land of bugs
and oddities.

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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