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Re: Need help Head Hurts thinking too much

While sitting in a puddle Eric Bohlman scribbled in the mud:

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Not for me. It only takes 1 good nights sleep to forget everything. Every
morning I have to start all over from scratch. :(


Re: Need help Head Hurts thinking too much

Leonard Blaisdell wrote in message ...
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(1) When you are creating a website and the content pages are always
changing or being added-to it's simple just to add or change just one item
in the 'Menu' frame to link to the newly added or changed pages.

(2) Some people like to see a constant part of the website remaining on a
monitor as the next page loads, rather than having a blank white screen for
however many seconds it takes for something to load. It's nice having the

As an analogy, to me *well-constructed* frames are like the spine on a book
you are reading holding the pages together as you turn to the next page,
rather than reading one piece of paper, then having it snatched from you
and another piece of paper being put in front of you 15 seconds or so

I do agree that many framed websites have the 'menu' or 'header' frames too
large, but that's not a good reason to slag off *all* framed websites.

Re: Need help Head Hurts thinking too much

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I couldn't be absolute about there never being a case for frames but, as
regards the above, SSI will deal with (1) and, because the ever-present bit
is cached after the first page is viewed, SSI will ameliorate the problem in
(2) - as a bonus, all the problems associated with frames are avoided.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Need help Head Hurts thinking too much

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 09:36:51 GMT, "Steve R."
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That's not why we don't like frames. They cause all sorts of problems,
whatever size they may be. Read the oft-posted links for more details.

Mark Parnell

Re: Need help Head Hurts thinking too much

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I have admin pages that use frames

In one, a restaurant ordering system, the owner/franchisee can log in to the
admin section and the page is broken up in to 3 frames (one big one of the
left and two smaller ones on the right, one above the other)

The big frame is the one they work in: setting prices/inventory,
adding/removing/editing announcements and specials, etc.
In the right top frame they see the stats of all their locations, number of
orders, number of items and value of orders... this panel refreshes each
In the right lower frame, they see the order tracking numbers appear when
orders are placed, they can click on the order and its full details will
appear in the big frame... this also refreshes when the frame above it

I have the same thing for a courier system... a main panel to work in and
view/print orders... and two frames that refresh regularily so they can
track orders and where the packages/envelopes are at (as the driver updates
during delivery)

In both these cases I needed to use frames because:
- the main window scrolls and the stats and order information doesn't: it is
always there on the screen and visible
- the stats or orders info panels refresh, the main window doesn't.
Important if somebody is working with prices or their menu system... or
viewing/printing a delivery request... if the whole page kept refreshing
then they would lose their data

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