Need help deciphering some code

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The following site does exactly what I am trying to do but, no matter
how much I study the code I cannot figure out how it is done.

I want to have a page with list of radio station links and one 'media
player' panel. When a link is clicked that station should start

Can someone please make up a clear code example how this is done?

In the following link, most, but not all stations are working. The two
ABC stations on the right of the 4th row from the top do work.

The link:

Re: Need help deciphering some code

While the city slept, Cogito (nospam@nospam.nospam) feverishly typed...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The links for the radio stations are of the fashion;

<a onclick="go('3awradau');" href="#">

If javascript is available, this calls the function go() which is below;

function go(korteNaam){
if(korteNaam.length > 1){
return false;

this basically calls the function setSource() which is below;

function setSource(zenderNaam){
 if (d.getElementById){
 d.getElementById("player").src="player.php?zender=" + zenderNaam;
 }else if(d.all){
 d.all.player.src="player.php?zender=" + zenderNaam;

s/he also specifies (outside of the functions);

var d = document;
var w = window;

what setSource() does is set the source of the element which has the id
"player" (which will be the media player) to player.php?zender=(whichever
station selected)

It could be a little more graceful by using something like

<a href="player.php?zender=3awradau" onclick="return go('3awradau');">

which should allow it to work even if javascript is not available to the

Hope that helps,

Nigel Moss
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Re: Need help deciphering some code

On Fri, 20 Jul 2007 21:03:10 +0100, "nice.guy.nige"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for your reply. I'm familiar with HTML but I'm not sure how to
use your code.
Would you be able to surround your code with the necessary html to
make it a working sample of 2 playing stations?
If I saw a simple working example I may understand it better and be
able to adapt it to my needs.
Thanks in advance.

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