need app to create online newsletter

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I am searching for some software.

I admin a website for a fishing club. I would like to start an online
continuing newsletter.

My vision is to have a place that a member whose name is on the
current membership roister can go and enter a title in a box and then
have a place to post text.  There they would also be able to post

That  text would then be added to that months newsletter and be
available to read. At the end of the month the newsletter would be
archived and made available for download. And next months heading
would be put up for use.

If any of you have published a monthly newsletter you understand the
difficulty of getting contributions. Back before the internet
contribution were plentiful. Now we go a whole year to get enough to
put together an issue. People don't want to wait that long to see
their work in print.

I have searched 'google' for the last 2 days and find nothing that
resembles what I want. It may be there and I don't recognize it.
( which is probable the case ). Or I could not be using the correct

Does anyone know of such as I seek?


Re: need app to create online newsletter

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Dave Kelly <daveekelly1> writing in news:0d5c7b5a-b880-4df7-b8ed-415baf90af16

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I'm not sure exactly what you want.  I have created interfaces for two
different newsletters.  Once goes out weekly, and the other monthly.

With both, a person fills out an online form and presto! chango! the
newsletter is generated in HTML and plain text.  The newsletter is then
sent multipart to subscribers via Group Mail from Infacta.

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Re: need app to create online newsletter

On Sun, 14 Dec 2008 12:58:15 -0800 (PST), Dave Kelly

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It sounds like you're looking for WordPress blogging software.  You
can get a free account & blog at , or download the
software and host it at your own web host, or even use your web host's
software installation wizard to install it.

WordPress allows you to assign different user roles and to validate
users.    The "Author" user role can upload files, edit posts, publish
posts, delete posts and a few more things. The Subscriber role can
read (and by default, anyone on the Internet falls in this category).

The Editor role has more functions. The Administrator user is the

Read more in the WordPress documentation pages

There are a large number of free themes ad plug-ins for WordPress, so
you can easily change its looks.  The free blog at has
limited customizability, of course.  If you host on your own site, you
have the ultimate flexibility - web hosting is cheap these days.  You
can see which host I use at my web site.


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