NASA, Mars and Flash

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It is good to see that NASA has jumped on the band wagon
(kudo's to them for the Mars success too)

Whitecrest Entertainment

Re: NASA, Mars and Flash

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Ahh, stop gloating! I reckon NASA sabotaged the Beagle mission anyway[1]...
"Yes Colin. It's a perfectly flat landing area." ..... "Ooh! Look at that
bloody great huge crater right in the middle. How did we miss that

[1] In case NASA and / or their lawers come across this post, I am of course
being sarcastic, and would never really accuse NASA of any such misdeed.


Nigel Moss.

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Re: NASA, Mars and Flash

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004 22:10:37 -0000, "nice.guy.nige"

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The NASA explorer couldn't deploy at first because there was an airbag
in the way.

They never said who's airbag....

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