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Newbie here.
Working on an exercise document.
The first named anchor was included in the heading. The link to it was
in the following paragraph. Link worked fine.
The second named anchor has no heading to fit neatly into. I can't
figure out where to place it to make the link work.
Here's a bit of the source code I was working on:
<h1 size="2" name="top">Inline Anchors</h1>
<p>I would like to click <a href="#middle">here</a> and be at the
middle of the page.</p>
<hr width="65%" align="center">

<p><b>Middle!</b> But I would like to click <a href="#top">here</a> and
be back to the top of the page<br />
or click <a href="#bottom">here</a> and be thrown to the bottom of the
<hr width="65%" align="center">

Where do I put the named anchor in the second paragraph? I have tried
just about everywhere and I can't get the first link of the second
paragraph to work....


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Re: Named anchor question

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The name attribute is not valid on a heading.

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Use id, not name.

Mark Parnell
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Re: Named anchor question

LaBlueGirl wrote:

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<a name="anchorMe"></a>
<a href="#anchorMe">Jump to anchorMe!</a>

Take care,

Re: Named anchor question


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Hi LBG. One thing to keep in mind is that if the page is all on the
screen, you won't see it move.

As far as where to put the anchor, it can go outside the block-level
element, though it's not supposed to. You could always put it in a
<div>, like:

<div><a id="middle" name="middle"></a></div>

which might even validate!


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