Naive question about html editors

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I'm a developer working on a 'small footprint' content management
system. I currently use the fckeditor as a way for non-programmers
to edit content on the pages created by my software.

In other words, special passworded users can edit html fragments
on the site's pages, but they cannot change the overall layout,
look and feel. That much is set up from another set of admin forms.

fckeditor works fine for that--for editing small files on the server
are html fragments only, with no enclosing <html> <head> or <body>

Which html editors out there, that operate on desktop box, can do
...can edit html and then ftp or scp the local file up to the server,
it is an html fragment only, with no enclosing html head or body tags?

Any of them? All of them?  (I edit html with a text editor. I've never
anything like Bluefish or Dreamweaver).

Thank you.

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