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I have a local install of WAMP and MySQL and PHP, which are also
available on my online Web host.  I'm looking for some basic beginner
tutorials on using MySQL.

I maintain two databases in Excel of names, addresses, etc.  That would
be my primary use and I'm trying to figure out what advantages I might
accrue by diving into using MySQL to maintain the online versions

I currently know next to nothing about MySQL.

Any thoughts?

Ed Mullen
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Re: MySQL tutorial

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The whole point here is to use the right tool for the job.  Excel is for
spreadsheets, and can be used as a flat database.

MySQL, Access, etc are _relational_ databases.  Say you have this
configuration: Table 1
Name     Zipcode  CityID
Bob      91205    1
Larry    91206    1
Helen    91205    1
Joan     90028    2

Table 2
ID       CityName   CountyID
1        Glendale   1
2        Hollywood  1
3        Burbank    1

Table 3
ID CountyName
1        Los Angeles
2        Orange

The relationship is the CityID key in Table 1 to the ID key in Table 2,
and the CountyID key in Table 2 to ID key in Table 3.  Relational
databases can be very powerful.

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I suggest you import your Excel sheets into Access, and make (save) some
queries.  Then open those queries in SQL mode to see how it works.  Once
you have familiarized yourself with that, then you can make the move to
a larger database manager like MySQL.

IIRC, Access comes with a database called Northwind, and there are
plenty of tutorials that use that db.  The query language used by
Access, MySQL, MS SQL, etc. is very similar.  

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Re: MySQL tutorial

Adrienne Boswell wrote:
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Ok, thanks for the clues.

Ed Mullen
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