My html layers are not working

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I am having problems with my layers in html

I have a radio button with 3 choices. When a option is clicked a
javascript function is called which is making a layer visible.
Here is my javascript function I have placed after the </head> tag and
before the <body> tag:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">
function showfield(keuze)
 if (keuze == 'recht')
    if (keuze== 'industrie')
if (keuze== 'onderwerp')



Here is the code of the radio button inside the body tag:
<form method="POST" action="--WEBBOT-SELF--">
    <p><font face="Arial" size="2">Zoek:&nbsp;&nbsp;
  <input type="radio" value="Onderwerp" name="RadioB1"
  <input type="radio" value="Diensten" name="RadioB1"
  <input type="radio" value="Producten" name="RadioB1"

What did I forget to do to make the hidden/visible property of the div
tag work??


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