munged amail addy or not?

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I found a proggie that does this - is it any good or can you
smartieboots types see right through it?

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript>
var fk7="mai"
var snk="lto:"
var utl='kruse'+'%40'+''+'.'+'uk';
var itk='email me';
document.write('<A H'+'REF="'+fk7+snk+utl+'">'+itk+'</A>');

and could I put it in an external file and link to it? Would that make
a diff?


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Re: munged amail addy or not?

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Amail? Cool. The "a" must stand for "awesome".


Re: munged amail addy or not?

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Did you try to view the page with JavaScript disabled?

Address munging solves no problem, but creates quite a few. You won't
avoid spam, except by disconnecting from the Internet and never
returning, so you need to handle it anyway, whether you munge your
addresses or not. So the net effect of address munging is disruption of
human communication.

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Re: munged amail addy or not?

On 12/28/04 6:07 AM, in article,

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I've mangled mine like this:


Seems to work for me. I still get some spam, but it appears to be from old
address databases since a lot of it uses an address I don't use anymore.
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