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Re: more problems with target blank

"Jonathan N. Little"  wrote in message =

[huge snip]

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I am amazed that people here still continue to respond and try to help =
darkman". Maybe some perverse curiosity about his latest attempts to=20
circumvent even the most reasonable conventions of HTML and still =
about erratic problems? I am also not really up to speed on CSS, but I=20
realize its power and I use it where I need to. I have some HTML dating =
to 1996 when I was a total newbie, and some of it (maybe most) would not =

pass the validator. But for anything I care about (and darkman does seem =
care, at least about himself and his website), I will make the effort to =

determine if it passes validation and at least understand why some lines =
not be according to standard, and I may choose to ignore them if they =
not critical. But if there were problems I would certainly fix them so =
as to=20
make it validate before I wasted peoples' time with badly broken code, =
ignore or demean their efforts to help.

He certainly gets a lot of attention. Maybe THAT is the issue! This may =
his entire social life!


Re: more problems with target blank


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Which, oddly enough, is not the same URL you posted earlier.
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The really amazing thing is that you keep asking for help, while refusing to
accept the help you've
been given. I'm done.
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It doesn't matter. Due to the lack of a DOCTYPE declaration, your pages are
rendered in quirks
mode, which makes the version question quite moot.

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