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It appears to me that mobile html design falls into two groups. Basic,  
minimalistic with large links and most items set as a percent, if not 100%.

Then we have the iPhone and related where screen density can be much  
greater. What looks good on an iPhone sucks on a cheap Android.

What do we have in the way of simulators and also in design tips?

On another note. What is best practice for  section, article, header...?


Re: Mobile

j wrote:
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   I know little about HTML and less about JS and CSS.
   But i have been doing a lot of fiddling around with code in hopes of  
getting a page that works on a PC and on a webphone.
   The lowest crummiest one is the TracFone Samsung T105G.
   First, the size of the present page must be smaller than some  
undisclosed, unknown and unknowable size; apparently number of bytes as  
the complaint is "out of memory".
   Then there is a similar undisclosed, unknown and unknowable image (or  
equivalent) size.

   The only solution i see is a pre-processor that would "hold off"  
excess incoming data so that the memory does not get choked.
   That probably means the excess gets lost and some kind of kind  
message / "alert" is put in a non-intrusive place.

   Next is the sizing problem which your text alludes to.

   I am extremely interested in an "automatic" re-sizer.
   Somehow it would need to first determine what is available and what  
resources are available.
   Seems the phone makers and especially the sellers want to keep such  
info top secret burn your backside if you disclose type attitude (that  
is what i am getting).

Re: Mobile

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You can use different stylesheets for different devices, as modern  
browsers will look at the media attribute, and the max-width property in  
the link element.

The other option is to do something server side, so if the UA string is  
sending something having to do with mobile, serve a mobile stylesheet.  

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