min-height in IE 6 and 7

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Hi all

Please have a look at the following site:
Username for login: 2345
Password for login: 2345

On the contact page the div behind the form ignores the min-height:

In Firefox it works alright. I am trying to make it look like that in
IE and Opera.

All HTML pages are valid XHTML Strict, the CSS is valid aswell.

Thanks for your help

Re: min-height in IE 6 and 7

Urs.Handschin@gmail.com schrieb:

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IE does not support min-height. Instead, it treats height as min-height.
(this is true for IE<7, not sure about IE7) I haven't looked at your
code, but theoretically, your problem could be solved by specifying a
width or height (other than "auto") for the div. Alternatively, you can
try the M$-proprietary "zoom: 1" rule, but in that case you CSS would no
longer validate.

Explanation: With IE, every element can have a special internal property
called "layout". Basically, this property causes the element to enclose
all of its children and not let anything of itself "leak out". In
addition, it often fixes buggy behaviour. Thus, in many cases, problems
can be fixed by giving this "layout" property to the element in
question. It cannot be assigned directly, however. Instead, there are a
number of CSS properties that, if set, will automatically cause the
element to "have layout". Among them: explicit width or height and the
proprietary "zoom".

I suggest you use conditional comments to feed an additional stylesheet
to IE only which contains all the necessary fixes for that browser.
(Advantage: this stylesheet does not need to validate and can use any
M$-proprietary stuff you want.) Fixes for specific versions of IE can be
applied using CSS hacks within this IE stylsheet.

An example of this can be found here:
http://www.mlynarczyk-webdesign.de/ng/three-columns-layout /

More information on IE bugs and how to fix them:


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Re: min-height in IE 6 and 7

In article
 Urs.Handschin@gmail.com wrote:

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Congratulations on an extremely attractive webpage. Bold and beautiful
and simple!

IE6 does not recognise min-width or min-height.

On the weekend last, as it happened, I added a page or two to:


(which is designed to be seen in anything modern but IE6)

You will find page 9 might address your concern. At the bottom of page 9
is a link to an appendix page:


meant to be seen in IE 6 which has a demo of a couple of things to do to
make a parent container 'see" its floated children and grow height for


Re: min-height in IE 6 and 7

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Thank you, Dorayme and Thomas, verry much for this great help.
I didn't found time jet to work it out, but i post it if it is looking
fine on my site.
Dorayme, thank you for your website and all this great information you
give for free to the world.

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