min and max width in IE <7

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http://www.webcredible.co.uk/user-friendly-resources/css/more-css -

is a bit of code that is suggested to achieve min and max width
in IE. There is some talk there about not applying it to body,
but to a wrapper. Used by anyone here? Is it it in any way
necessary to apply the min and max that good browsers can see to
the wrapper instead of the body? Would it be ok to use the normal
mins and maxs for the body, and the js hack for IE alone in an
all encomposing wrapper (presumably one set at zero margin or
padding.... this right?).

Be interested to see any live and happy uses of this hack. And to
know about any of its limitations. (I know the one about if
people have js turned off...). It was not clear to me whether one
could use it for bits and pieces and not the whole show (as one
can use max-width for particular elements). It is awkward for me
to test this in Windows, so be nice to gather any extra info.


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