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|Yes, as I discovered in my researching.  Most Google references still
|proffer the "image/x-icon" though.  Interestingly too,
|"text/javascript" should really be "application/javascript" as in:

|<script type="application/javascript">

|...which I didn't know, either.

Get a load of this!  I uploaded 2 pages to my site identical in
everything except that one had:

<script type="application/javascript">

...and the other:

<script type="text/javascript">

...for the javascript sections.

Well guess what.  Ie7 fails to read the javascript in the "application"
version!  I _really_ hope they fix that in ie8...

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Re: Mime Types/Favicons

Neredbojias wrote:
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What a pile of crap Microsoft products are!

Find any problems with image/vnd.microsoft.icon instead of
image/x-icon?  Witt Microsoft only accepting .ico files for
favicons, I need to pick one or the other.

Guy Macon

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