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    i'd like to host my web pages using multiparts to reduce the number of
hits on the server.
i know this isn't a real PHP subject, but i'll try it anyway.
i've been searching the web for solutions and examples with no succes.
does anybody know a good starting point
hints / tips are also welcome

thus, inline images within te html document. I've got a very high hit rate
our sites. Due to backward compatebility
to NS4, lots of spacers. I'd like to send this spacer just ones inline,
including all the other images too. So that the communication
to our server is minimized and thus less sockets and apache processes are
needed to serve our customers.

thanks in advance


Niels Berkers

something like this ?
header( "Content-type: multipart/mixed;");
header( "boundary=myboundary\n\n");
header( "--myboundary\n" );
header( "Content-type: image/jpeg\n\n");
readfile( "btn_test1jpg" );
echo( "\n--myboundary\n" );
echo( "Content-type: image/jpeg\n\n");
readfile( "btn_test2.jpg" );
echo( "\n--myboundary\n" );

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