MIME for embedded realplayer in Internet Exploiter

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Greetings gang,

I've streamed video before using Realplayer and Internet Explorer
(http://www.cheemu.com/malta.html ). Here, I use <param name="src"
value="/mydir/myvideo.ram"> in the object tag, and IE is clever enough to
work out that the ram extension means use Realplayer. Everything works fine.

Now I am building a site where I need to store the video file in a database
(for a content management system). To get the video from the database I use
a script that collects it and then generates a http response. <param
name="src" value="/mydir/myscript.pl?videonumber=19">. There is no helpful
.ram (or .rm, .rv etc) extension this time for IE to work out the file type
because I use a script. So I try using a variety of MIME types in the header
of the response generated from my script to help it to work out the file

Content-type: audio/vnd.rn-realaudio


I've tried all the following MIME type - the first one just plays the audio
for the clip, but the others stop and try and download an update from
realnetworks because they don't recognise the format.


I know the basic format of "use param tag to call script, get media from
database, generate response" should work, because I've done it for streaming
flash files -
http://www.cheemu.com/cgi-bin/sound.pl?key=1&action=form&soundkey=2 (please
excuse the awful jingle...).

Has anyone had experience of this problem, or can someone suggest a few
different MIME types to try?

Muchos gracias,


Re: MIME for embedded realplayer in Internet Exploiter

Quoted text here. Click to load it

<a href="myvideo.ram">My Video</a>

RM Mime type : audio/x-realaudio
RAM Mime type: audio/x-pn-realaudio


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