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Hi, I have been building a site for my gaming clan and have stumbled
on a problem.

I am making a menu using images but for some reason the images are
being forced apart by about 5px or so, like theres some sort of margin
or something.

I haven't used any margins or padding for any of the elements

Here is the site in question ...

Sorry my description of the problem is vague and not wholly accurate
but I found it hard to explain.  I appreciate any help.

Re: Menu Images

Okay, I figured out the problem was that I had each link on a seperate
line eg.

<a href=".."><img src=".."></a>
<a href=".."><img src=".."></a>
<a href=".."><img src=".."></a>

By simply putting them all on the same line like this ...

<a href=".."><img src=".."></a><a href=".."><img src=".."></a><a
href=".."><img src=".."></a>

... it got rid of the gaps between the image links.

However, is there a way I can place each link on a seperate line in
the code without this happening?


Re: Menu Images wrote:
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Using list markup for navigation lists is a much better way to go. It
degrades much better and the styling possibilities are enormous. /


Re: Menu Images

On 02 Jul 2008, wrote:

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I go along with Bergamont in that there are better ways to do it, but you can
(and I do) do this:

   <a href=".."><img src=".."></a
   ><a href=".."><img src=".."></a
   ><a href=".."><img src=".."></a>

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Re: Menu Images wrote:
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It's working the way it should.  Although I know you want it elsewise.
You could try a negative margin like this:

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