Mentifex-Nesting for WWW HTML anchor-tag

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In response to an historic blog-post at

we were moved to embed the following Comment:

When you talk about "nesting" of links,
I am not sure what you mean. If TimBL or
any other Web-creators are listening, I would
like to propose a special kind of "nesting"
of URL-links within the anchor-tag --
a default passage through a series of
additional URLs for a resource if the
primary link becomes unavailable,
through normal "linkrot" or "SlashDot-effect"
or whatever. If you link to a document like
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and link-choice
number one returns a "Code 404" for
"not available," the anchor tag ought to be
able to swiftly call up the secondary
nested-link-choice and provide the same
Gettysburg Address from the secondary URL,
or the third, and so on. Any takers?

Mentifex (Arthur)
( product link shortened)

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