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Re: Marquee For Firefox

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
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Indeed. Both use the age-old principle of "if it's important, make it move
around or become invisible sporadically to stop people from reading it".

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Re: Marquee For Firefox

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Others have given you code that will work on Firefox(and other)
browsers. At one time marquee or flashing text was used quite a bit.
Then dhmtl was used a lot for special dynamic effects. It could
produce many elaborate effects, but you need to be good at writing
javascript to produce your own code. Today flash seems to be the most
popular method for producing dymanic effects. It requires expensive
programs to get the more elaborate programs for making flash displays,
but many find it much easier to use than dhtml.

A marquee or other dynamic display can have rare uses even on very
serious sites. For instance, the highly secure site for my bank puts
up a big marquee in red letters when there is something new and
unexpected. Part of the site being down, rare scheduled future
downtime, etc can result in the marquee, and I very rarely have seen
it as they usually solve a problem soon and take the marquee down.
When people go to the site to check their bank account, few likely
read the messages that seldom change and go at once to review their
transactions. The red marquee does get your attention.

If you go to you will see
a circle marquee. Actually it is dhtml using script and does not use a
marquee tag at all. Much of the code is in php on the server which you
will not see on viewing the source code. Rather simple php code
generates the very long code that gets downloaded to the browser. This
code was written just as a fun thing, and I doubt if I or many others
actually would use it on a general web site.

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