Markup error and dsiplay errors

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Hi to all

1. question
(only the links -> "Bilder" have no html errors except the <h2>, the
other text files are build and frequently changed with an online web
editor and have some more errors.

There is a markup error because I would like to get the first line
bigger. What else could I use to get an bigger fontsize without markup
document type does not allow element "H2" here; missing one of "OBJECT",
"MAP", "BUTTON" start-tag

<li><a href="http:...php?db=text:11"><h2>Junges Theater</h2></a></li>
<li><a href="http:...php?db=text:12"><b>Das Stück</b></a></li>

2. question .. always the same problems with IE and Firefox:

the grey box is more left in IE, and not on the right side
There must be any mark up mismatch but I do not find it.

3. question
there is a gap over the blue box, any suggestions why?

Thanks in advance for your help

tread: how to arrange container with three pictures
p.s I changed from 3 pics to two pics
Now is is more easy than before.

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