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Hi All,

I need to figure out whether the following information is best
displayed in a table or as a definition list - it is displayed as a
summary to show what the user has inputted previously and whether they
want to make any changes:

Title        Miss
First        E
Surname      Accessible
DOB          19/05/1979
Address      Somewhere nice

It's coming straight from a table of data, but is also obvious pairings
of information (but I realise that "Miss" is not a definition of
"Title" - but definition lists have become somewhat standard for

So which is best way to mark-up this information?



Re: Mark-up of summary information wrote:

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This sounds like echoing user input, not a summary. Anyway, it's rather
naturally tabular data. It's nowhere near a definition list, except to those
who treat <dl> as meaning just a collection of pairs. (You do not _define_
the terms "title", "first", etc. at all; instead you assume that the reader
already knows what there words mean.)

On the practical side, you surely want them to appear in tabular layout. So
why would you refrain from using <table> markup for tabular data and then
try to figure out some way to make it appear as tabulated?

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: Mark-up of summary information

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

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Yep, thanks - that's what I thought.  Just needed to hear it from
someone else!

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