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I manage a community web site and over the last eight years have tried a
number of mapping services to provide visitors maps to things like City
Parks, Recreational facilities, Churches, etc.

These maps seemed to go dead often as the mapping service changes the
parameters that they use. To some extent I can see that their needs to
upgrade their services will change the parameters. But,  it also causes an
un-announced discontinuation of services ot visitors to my web Site.

So, I got tired of discovering dead links and discontinued most of my use of
maps except for those I made into images.

Does anyone have any ideas of what mapping service one could use for a
community web site that wouldnt keep changing paramters and causing dead

Re: Mapping

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Which country are you in? I ask because in the UK I've found multimap
( to be very reliable - I know they cover other countries as
well, but I only have experience within the UK. I put together a site for my
local church with a location map, that was well over 5 years ago and the
link still works. No guarantees of course that multimap won't change their
link parameters tomorrow or the day after that ...
Brian Cryer

Re: Mapping

I am located in the USA in Minnesota.

It sure would be nice to have such a USA facility that would stay with the
same URL format for years.

I got tired of replacing these when they went dead, and tired of worrying
when the next batch would go dead.

I, also, notice that the mapping services I see all have dropped the ability
to manually set the center and mark the spot more closely.

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