Managing divs within divs....

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I have a div that contains a section of my web page.  In the div, I
have multiple others that need to stretch to 100% of the height.
Essentially columns with layers.  I've gone through all the normal
trouble shooting tips here, and I'm stuck on (hopefully) one final fix.
 It's really hard to explain the whole thing, so I put the section of
what I'm working on here and trimmed it the best I could:

As you see it right now, it works beautifully in firefox, but in IE,
you'll notice that the third picture on the right gets cut off by the
bottom of the div.  The main one won't stretch out anymore.  The fix
for that, is to change my div.thebody height to auto (or take it out
all together).  This will cause IE to  expand the div so everything
shows correctly, BUT then the two borders I have going down the side of
the page will no longer stretch the entire length.  They only show
about a 10px height.  I'd really like to achieve the best of both
worlds here...

I hope I did a good enough job explaining this one, and thank you for
your time.

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