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I wonder if anyone could please help me with a problem.  One of my
pages at is
causing me grief.  Everywhere that I have put a mailto in, it seems to
have caused a line break in every browser that I have tried, but I
can't find why, yet it works fine in other pages!!!
Any suggestions???
I KNOW that mailtos are not really a good idea, but if someone could
give me a simple way round them!

Re: mailto forces line break (James McIver) wrote:

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It has little to do with mailto links.
The following line and similar lines in your stylesheet at
are the culprits

.blank  .menu a:link {

   display: block;


display:block; will render your anchor tags like they were so-called
block-level elements. A paragraph (<p>), table (<table>) or a heading
(<h1>) are examples of block-level elements.

Remove the property, or change it to display:inline;

Additional suggestions:
- make your links clear as such. Right now they look like plain text.
- mailto links are ok, if you are limited to them, but use them wisely:
   "Please drop us a line at", this enables even people
   who do not have an e-mail client installed (public libraries,
   schools, internet pubs) and/or configured to use your contact method,
   by writing the address down or copying it to their Hotmail account.


Re: mailto forces line break

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Thank you very much for the help.  I never thought of the CSS!

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