Mail merging HTML-formatted text?

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I don't know if this is the best group to be asking this in, but there
didn't seem to be a more obvious one unfortunately!

I have developed a 'product catalog' style web page, that is populated
from a back-end SQL Server database. All the display text stored in
the db is HTML-formatted.

Does anybody know of any publishing application similar to Publisher
or PageMaker, that would allow me to do a Catalog Merge / data merge
style operation to output the db records in a printed catalog style,
but somehow apply the HTML formatting in the published version?
Publisher can't handle HTML tags and just outputs them as text.
Ideally I'd like to find something that allows the records to be
filtered and sorted easily.

Many, many thanks indeed for any advice...

Re: Mail merging HTML-formatted text?

A quick update...someone has suggested trying ASP.NET Reports, which
may give a bit more flexibility. However ideally I still need a
dedicated print publishing tool such as Publisher, but that can handle
HTML tags in Catalog Merge.

Thanks again if anyone can offer any help.

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Cannot Word print html formated documents?

Take care,


Re: Mail merging HTML-formatted text?

Hi Jonathan

I think it can to some extent, unfortunately I don't think it has the
sort of 'Catalog Merge' type interface I'm really looking for.

A colleague of mine has suggested InfoPath or Crystal Reports
(certainly uncoventional for this type of thing but hey if it does the
job...), am going to look into these and will report back.

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