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I recently converted a large site to Mambo.  It has come to my
attention that Mac users (IE and Firefox browsers) cannot view the
content of the site, though they can view the navigation.  Having only
Linux and Windows systems available, I cannot test and troubleshoot
the site to fix. /

The CSS validates (with lots of warnings) and there are only a couple
small HTML validation problems.  There are no JS errors.  However, I
have the feeling it is CSS and all of those px font styles that the
anal-compulsive site owner moreless demands.

Any ideas (other than going out and buying a Mac)?


Re: Mac Display Problems

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Recheck your sources that made it come to your attention. Your
url appears fine in my Safari and Firefox.

It is a bad mistake to not understand that id is a unique
identifier per page. I realise you are prisoner to this generator
but at least fix up errors (not so hard, come back here if you
have trouble on this score). Can you set your generator to follow
the 4.01 doc type, preferably Strict rather than this XHTML?


Re: Mac Display Problems

Tyrone Slothrop wrote:

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Who in God's name uses IE for Mac these days? Can't be more than 5-10% of
the Mac community, or 0.2% of the web as a whole. Most popular browsers on
the Mac now are Safari, Camino and Firefox.

Safari is based on Konqueror, so if you don't have a Mac, then testing in
Konqueror is a reasonably good substitute. Form controls will look
different, as will fonts, but most everything else should be similar.

Camino and Firefox are both Gecko-based, so you should see a rendering
fairly consistent with Windows- and Linux-based Gecko browsers. (Firefox,
Epiphany, etc.)

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