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Is there any such tool out there for html debugging/learning that
would behave similar to other programmers tools to allow one to "step
into" the code while watching the output window ?
In this case the output window would be a browser. I think this would
be great for seeing the stuff in action instead of modifying code,
checking browser, back and forth a thousand times etc.
I googled it but not much luck.
Found stuff for javascript but not for html specifically. Maybe I'm
not searching for the right things.


Re: Looking for tool to Step Into html

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HTML is a markup language, not a programming language, so there is no
way to "step" into it.

With that said, Firebug extension for Firefox might be of help.

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Re: Looking for tool to Step Into html

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This would lead to quite an incorrect mindset for good HTML authoring.

HTML does _not_ describe "How a page should be rendered". Instead it
describes a document, together with suggestions for how it might be
rendered, all other things being suitable. A notion of "stepping into
the rendering" has implicitly assumed that you care about how _one_
browser chooses to render the page, for one particular desktop, in one
particular set of circumstances. Historically this has shown to be a
risky approach to web design, leading to fragile pages that only work
on one browser. You really mustn't focus too closely on how one
browser chooses to do it, instead make sure that you're writing pages
that are objectively correct.

You might like to look at Firefox though, the Firebug extension and
the Web Developer toolbar.

Re: Looking for tool to Step Into html

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Yes, but only in the sense that whatever you put into the HTML
doc, from before the very first press of the keyboard to a
completed and valid work with CSS linked or embedded shows up in
the browser. There is an extension to the Firefox browser, Web
Developer tool, which shows the actual rendering in the browser
according to your input. It is pretty impressive. See


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