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Re: looking for suggestions - SEO web site

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "canadafred"

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In addition to suggestions others have made, IMHO, it is important to break
the text up into more pages.  One of the problems with a lot of text is
that it "frightens" people.  What would you rather read?  War and Peace or
Catcher in the Rye?  

Navigation should be easy to find. Links to the most important content
should be above the fold.

By the way, I'm also stubborn about SEO practices, and I have found that
using semantically correct markup has helped a lot.  It's also easier to
write (everything by hand), and easier to debug (especially for server

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: looking for suggestions - SEO web site

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Thanks Adrienne. I sometimes get SEO projects whereas the owners requires
"no changes" to the look and feel of the web site. I have to work with the
design and with the existing code. Wow, it can be quite a challenge when
used to my own way of doing things for so long.

The suggestion as to splitting up pages is a good one. One that I have
considered over the last couple of days. I was a little short of work and
decide to started optimizing the web site in question. Then I realized how
much I disliked the way it looks and feels. I don't want to sacrifice the
content though. I built this web site to save me time, from answering the
same questions repeatedly. I figured I'd supply 50% of what it takes to
successfully deploy ethical SEO and let people go at it themselves until
they reach their peak capabilities. Then they could gather an understanding
as to the energy and skill required to position web sites in top positions
for competitive keyphrases. I also find that many people look for free
consultations, but mask their intent by leading to believe that they have
work for me in the future. I am not a business man, that is not my passion,
nor a goal of mine. People that contact me today, I just send them to the
web site. Hopefully they find enough there to get a good start at SEO
themselves. Usually they have no more questions. I never hear from them

It can take an incredible amount of time for a new project, as you would
know. I like helping others but I can no longer justify working for free. I
think the web site is a solution.

Anyway, I am in a period of change, leaving claw marks in my old ways. I
realize that to be cutting-edge I have to figure out how to deploy SEO
effectively across a variety of architectures and content delivery systems.
Thus, I embark on experimenting with my own web site. I have decide to
completely rebuild it. I have heard what you design professionals have
suggested to me and have taken heed of your directions.

Best Regards


Fred web-site-promotion@canada.com
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