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 I have been doing alot of perl scripting and have been learning alot
and getting pretty good. I am also a talented programmer. Recently I
downloaded the sambar server onto my PC and started writting some CGI
scripts. I have all of a sudden started to get alot of ideas how I
could create a sort of HTML engine that generated web pages based on
configuration setting and processed user forms through HTTP post
operations. I think I could churn out
all kinds of web sites that had a similar look and feel, but maybe one
sold jewlery, and another sold cars etc.

  Being a musician, I am naturally creative, but I have never applied
myself to visual types of art. A while ago I tried to help the drummer
in my band design a website. I had some fun with HTML, but before I had
gotten very far he turned to someone he knows who had taken some web
design classes and had used dream weaver. Since I am a programmer with
not alot of interest in using tools like dreamweaver, and had heard web
develpment doesn't pay much, that had discouraged me, but with my new
interest in CGI I want to explore this some more.

 The idea of making your own hours also has an appeal, even if you may
make less money.

I would like to see if I could team up with someone who was more an
expert at designing the look and feel of websites, graphics and so on.
That would be my weakness, and I am not motivated to learn that aspect
either. I would provide automation of pages and processing of user
input. Are there some good web sites or forums where I could look for
that type of partner or wher I could possibly find jobs ?

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