Looking For A Image Slide Show Script (Valid)

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I'm looking for a slide show script (image rotation), nothing complex
just a image fade from one image to another.  I'd like to stay clear
of Flash if at all possible.

Can any one reccomend a script that's valid?

It does not have to be free
I'm not fussy about doctype.


Re: Looking For A Image Slide Show Script (Valid)

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No I will look into it, thanks Travis

Re: Looking For A Image Slide Show Script (Valid)

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If you insist on a JavaScript slide show, go to
http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/index.html to see the many
they have for free. Most work on the popular recent browsers and they
give examples of their many slide shows in action. Using them is
fairly much copy and paste. The only thing they require is that you
leave in their credits in the code and not claim the code as your own.

If you have the Roxio Video Wave editor which is part of the Roxio
suite of programs, the easy way is to make a high resolution mpg video
slide show first. Video Wave lets you import as many still images as
you wish and set the time each image is displayed. It automatically
adjusts the size of images to fit the image space. If you wish,you may
add sound to the presentsation as a whole or for individual images.
When you are done you can use the mpg to encode in flash, WMV, Real,
QT, or whatever format you like, as the high resolution mpg is of too
large file size for the web. I am now using mostly FLV/SWF because it
allows you so many choices. For a slide show video, even with
music,selecting 8 frames per second is good enough and helps keep file
size down. There are FLV/SWF encoders available for around $US 50 that
will do well enough for most videos without buying the more expensive
official flash program sets.

If you worry that some viewers may have script turned off, a server
side script such as php could likely be used to prevent this problem.
One often can duplicate what Javascript does with php, for example. I
do not have a ready made php slide show on hand. Perhaps someone in
one of the php Usenet groups does.

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