Looking for a good FTP program

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Hello there,

I've tried several FTP programs but they're always missing some
features that make life simpler. I'm hoping someone knows a program
which allows me to do the 2 following things:

1) Select several files on the server, choose edit, and all the
selected files will be opened in my text editor (SciTE) and, very
important, in the same text editor window. I had an FTP program which
opened several files at once, but for each file it opened a new
instance of my text editor. My text editor allows opening multiple
files in one window, each file having it's own tab.

2) When i save (ctrl+s) in my editor, I want the changes applied to
the file on the server without having to click anything else. I don't
want some alert box blocking my access to the server files until I
confirm the changes.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Re: Looking for a good FTP program

zorro wrote:
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That might be more an issue with the text editor--see if it has a
setting (as TextPad does) to always reuse the same instance.

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Just a question to help you make *sure* that's what you want. I don't
know about you, but when I'm editing a local file (text file, word
processing document, spreadsheet, whatever), I save frequently to make
sure I don't accidentally lose a lot of changes if something unexpected
happens. Do you save *only* when you've completed your changes and are
ready to close out? If you save periodically during your edits, do you
want your changes to go all the way to the remote server every time,
instead of just when you've finished?

Re: Looking for a good FTP program

zorro wrote:
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Sounds like an issue with the text editor, not the FTP program.  Using
Editpad Pro will do that for you, whether you open from the FTP program
or local files.  I just did it with Editpad Pro and Cute FTP 7.2.

Ed Mullen
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