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Hey everybody, I am a complete newbie with Javascript but was
wondering if anybody could tell me how to  load pages dynamicly within
a div?

Here is the site: http://regiesrule.info , i would like to have the
tabs on the top instead of opening up  something inside the same html
document I would like to be able to load an external webpage in it.
Also if that is impossible then i would like to know why the current
setup does not work in IE7?

Thanks so much in advance,


Re: Loading external pages internally.

On Tue, 08 May 2007 17:35:56 GMT Danny scribed:

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You can't load pages dynamically into a div, but do a search for "server-
side includes".

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Re: Loading external pages internally.

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As a starter, don't load pages into a <div>, load them into an

There's a technique called AJAX that is increasingly popular. It loads
XML content into a JavaScript object (program code, not HTML) and then
lets you manipulate it. You could then save such content (or part of
it) into a <div>.

However AJAX only works with XML, not with HTML. The XmlHttpRequest
and similar objects only load well-formed XML (which might be XHTML)
and not non-XML HTML.  If you're working with this, then you still
need to use an <iframe> (which can be invisible) as a dynamic load
container and then you can manipulate  its contents. This could
include writing that content into a <div>.

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