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I am interested in streaming live audio from my website. Nothing illegal,
its American Football game commentary.

I had originally approached the Radio Broadcasting Authority here in the UK
to transmit by radio to the local area, but as with most things in the UK it
has been made prohibitively expensive. So my next thought was to stream the
broadcasts over the net, and therefore not be restricted by radio broadcast

I need to know basics for now, what am i going to need on my website to be
able to do this, any programs, any special code? I dont really want to
restrict who can listen so would possibly be looking at getting it over
Windoze Media Player?

Would really appreciate advice from anyone who has done this or anything

It MUST be live audio streaming rather than me saving a file to the website
and letting people download it after the game, although I do plan to archive
the commentries as well.

Cheers everyone

Re: Live Audio Streaming??

Paul Macdonald wrote:

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Your own commentary I hope?

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A web hosting account with access to a streaming media server, or
(better) rent a server on which you can install your own streaming
server software such as Nullsoft's Shoutcast or Xiph's Icecast.
Installing your own software is normally only allowed on a non shared

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Choose an accessible media format, leave the choice of media player to
the user.


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As you probably know, the 'live commentary' aspect means you're tackling
two things here: encoding on-the-fly and streaming from/via a proper
streaming server.

Take a look at to get an idea of the formats
and costs of using an external solution.  You could use Helix Producer
to encode and stream via their servers, if RealMedia is acceptable to

Then compare this to using something like Shoutcast.


Re: Live Audio Streaming??

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Streaming "live" is no small trick, but if you actually buffer it to disk
you can stream from the file as you write to it "tailing" it as you go. The
advantage of this is that the technology is easier and you get free
archiving on top of this. A user who comes in late can start at the
beginning and play in realtime or snap forward or they can listen the next
day. Even if your intent is to ONLY play live, the easiest path is to
stream to disk,

Re: Live Audio Streaming??

Streaming to disk sounds interesting, can you give me a little more
information on it please?

How do you stream to HD, upload to webspace and stream out all in one?


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Re: Live Audio Streaming??

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I can't find your original question to remember the exact context, but if
memory serves, you would write the stream to disk in blocks and then your  
broadcast would just "tail"the file as it grows. If you broadcast
starting perhaps 15-30 seconds after source start you would be able to
handle all sorts of staggers in the input side.. Keep in mind that you
would  have to make sure that your flush your disk writes out in order
for the second process to read it.

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Re: Live Audio Streaming??

Contact me if interested in Cheap Helix Universal Server


Re: Live Audio Streaming??

If you are interested in RealNetwork's Helix Universal Server,
I can offer in A FEW hundred bucks.
Standard/Enterprise/Internet Versions avaliable.
For Win32/Linux/FreeBSD.

Please contact me for more details,


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Everything you need to stream live video or audio on the web is
available free from one source or the other. (Mostly free from that evil

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