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Does anyone knows if a hyperlink spanning multiple lines are allowed (i.e.
has a <br /> tag somewhere between the <a></a> tags). There seems to be a
problem with Mac browsers and these kinds of hyperlinks. Could it be an old
browser issue?


Re: Links on multi-lines

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By the syntax, they surely are. The <br> tag is inline (text level) markup,
so it's allowed inside <a>.

On the other hand, I try to avoid creating links that may get divided into
several lines (though I don't try that at any cost*)), and still less would
I normally use a forced line break inside link text. In addition to
potential other problems, the user may get confused since he does not
immediately see whether there are two (or more) links or just one. (Using
the text-indent property in CSS may help in some cases.)

*) For a link text like "RFC 2396" inside running text, it's almost always a
good idea to use "RFC&nbsp;2396". I would also try to avoid having just a
short word left to the next line, as in "Introduction to ISO Latin&nbsp;1"
or even "Introduction to ISO&nbsp;Latin&nbsp;1".

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Hard to tell without specific data.

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