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I am trying to build a static report viewing system using HTML.  The
main page is split into 3 frames: 'Hder', 'left', and 'main'

<title>Monthly Reports</title>

<FRAME NAME="main" SRC="ReportStart.html" MARGINWIDTH="3"


Header.html has buttons to display various reports on 'Main'.  When
the report contains a large number of entries, I would like to add an
alpha list to 'left' which allows the user to easily jump to the
section on 'Main'

'Left' contains:
<A href="soo.html#A" target="main">A</A><BR>
<A href="soo.html#B" target="main">B</A><BR>
<A href="soo.html#C" target="main">C</A><BR>
<A href="soo.html#D" target="main">D</A><BR>

'Main' contains:
<A name="A">
Section A data....
<A name="B">
Section B data....
<A name="C">
Section C data....
<A name="D">
Section D data....

When I click on a link on Left, all I get in Main 'This page cannot be

I do not have any web service running, (not even IIS that I can tell)
just trying to do this as file references to keep things simple for
the small office.  Do I need to have IIS or Apache running in order
for this to work?


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OK. / (see under "Your page uses

Mark Parnell
"Never drink rum&coke whilst reading usenet" - rf 2004

Re: Links between frames.....

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I could get your frames to work, but it would still be bad.

Here's a better solution - have each page include the header, the column
and the main content. You can use PHP (or SSI, but less powerful) to
include the header and column automatically. You eliminate all the bad
usability problems associated with frames and lose none of the authoring

And unless you are using something like PHP or SSI, you don't need it
running on the machine you're designing the site on. If you go the PHP
route - and I advise you do so - you'll need it running where you test
your site. See for more.

Re: Links between frames.....

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It will only make things easier.

1) Make a mockup of a finished page.
2) Cut the header, put it in a separate file, and include it in the
3) Cut the left column, same. Now you have two small files and a report
template with two includes.
4) Using PHP you can customize how the includes will appear based on the
report page that is asking.

I'm serious. Don't do this in frames unless it's impossible to do it any
other way.

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I posted with a question like this in alt.php not long ago. rf gave a very
useful answer. Check that out, perhaps it will help.

Basically, you assign each report page a name, then in the included file
you echo the content you want based on that name. Shouldn't be too
difficult, unless I'm really missing what you're doing.

Re: Links between frames..... (JDorn) wrote in message
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It is definitely possible to have links in the left frame that jump to
various points within a document in the main frame.  It works with
standard HTML, and does not need a server.  I have an index of
character entity references that works this way:


If you get a message that a file cannot be displayed, then you need to
check that your frameset really does specify the files that you want
to display.

Alan Wood (Unicode, special characters, pesticide names)

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