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I would like to place a link on my page to a frame page on another website.
I believe the target website was created using Frontpage.  I don't want to
link to their main index/home page.  I want to go directly to a certain
frame, which normally opens in the right pane, with the left pane being a
navigation bar.  When I enter the url for the right frame, it opens with no
navigation bar on the left.  Is there a way to link directly to the correct
page displaying in the right pane, along with the navigation bar in the left

Sorry if this has been asked alot before, I am a newbie.


Re: Link to a frames page

SA wrote:

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Have your browser display the frame's properties (usually done by a right
click or from the file menu).   This will have the frame's actual filename.
Link to this as usual, but be warned that the resulting page will likely
be shorn of navigation, unless the author has had the foresight to include
redundant navigation.

Cheers, m

Re: Link to a frames page

m wrote:
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It sounds like you want to load two pages and display them as you're
viewing has done on the other site. If this is true, you need to load
the two pages into a frameset of your own.

URL of the two pages?

Re: Link to a frames page

use the target attribute.. and make sure you are linking to the frames
page.. not the page with the content.. that will open the nav bar too..
linking to frames pages.. sux though, especialy if you are useing frames
your self.

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Re: Link to a frames page

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You're not sorry. If you were sorry, you'd have searched the group's
archives first.


Karl Groves

Re: Link to a frames page

declared in alt.html:

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Welcome to one of the many problems with frames.

The solution? Ask the webmaster of that site to fix it (i.e. remove the
frames), or find a decent site with the same information and link to
them instead.

Mark Parnell

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