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I am new to this group and very happy to make your acquaintance.  I am
hoping you can help me with an issue I am haveing.  I am having an odd
issue with a certain link on a webpage that I support.  When I click on
the link to my company web mail, from my company's intranet site, I
receive a "page cannot be displayed" message.  When I refresh the same
browser window the site then comes up.  And every time after I bring up
the website the link works until I restart the browser.  This only
happens in Internet Explorer.  Firefox does not have this issue.  When
I enter the URL directly into IE this does not happen.  Here is the
line from my HTML code that the link is called from (the URL is

<a href="https://my.compay.webmail " target="_blank"><img
src="assets/images/arrowright.gif" width="7" height="8" border="0">

I have run the HTML validator tidy against my webpage and recieve this
warning for this line of code :

<...> lacks "..." attribute

An HTML tag has a mandatory attribute. The attribute is missing.

Consult the tag definition. Add the missing attribute.

<form> lacks "action" attribute

Your help and wisdow would be much appriciated.


Re: Link issues

Jerick70 wrote:
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Well, from the tiny bit of code that you supply, with 4.01 strict the
IMG element is missing the required ALT attribute and the A element's
TARGET is only valid with framesets, but I doubt that is the cause of
your problem. Caching issue with IE?, Server issue with your company's
DNS server? Security setting on IE? ...

Take care,


Re: Link issues


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Have you tried it after removing the target attribute?  Additionally, the
address (uri) is unusual and may be causing IE problems.

Infinity has its limits.

Re: Link issues

Jonathan N. Little wrote,

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I should have posted that I have looked at the DNS server and all is
well.  I have tried all settings in IE to no avail, and cleared the
cache many times.

Neredbojias wrote:

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Neredbojias, thank you for your help.  I have not tried removing the
target attribute.  I will do this and repost with the results.  Also,
what do you see that is unusual about the URL?

Andy Digley wrote,

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I wish I could go to Firefox only.  But, we have a few HTML based
accounting programs that must use I am stuck with IE.  I have
to figure out what is going on here and fix it.


Re: Link issues

Jerick70 wrote:

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Then use Firefox instead. IE is unusable this week -- recent "security"
"improvements" from the Windows patching malarkey have made IE
_ridiculously_ picky over all sorts of irrelevant cross-domain issues.
It's a nightmare, and there's very little that users or web developers
outside M$oft can do about it, until M$oft sort out the patch mess.

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