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Anyone know anything about Dirpedia?

A company that I do a website for has been "invited" to submit a
a form via
and I am wondering if this is advisable or not. Are they genuine,
any bad catches?

They say in an email: "We are sending you this invitation to
submit your site to Dirpedia is a web-directory
+ wikipedia crossbreed. Your link will appear alongside the
wikipedia articles for your main keywords" and

"Thank you

All the best,
Bogdan Messer

p.s. We are just an open project, not affiliated with The Wikipedia mark belongs to"


Re: link invitation question

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No, but I got a similar invitation.  It appears to be a bot sending the
stuff out (nobody who reads my website would pick the keywords that
dirpedia did).

I consider it spam.  If anybody knows different, I'll listen.

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Re: link invitation question

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Same here!

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It is unsolicited, and as you suggest even automated! I do
like wikipedia, but we all have to adhere to the same rules,
so I have reported it as spam (using

The site seems to be so new that even Google haven't collected
that much information about it yet.

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Re: link invitation question

Yes I agree that it's spam.

I visited the site itself (dirpedia) and it doesn't even work (stuff is
randomly scattered around my browser window).

All it seems to do is reproduce content from other sources (Wikipedia
and DMOZ) although it is nothing to do with them. It is absolutely
nothing to do with Wikipedia, anyway.


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