Lining up 'equals' signs

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I'm sticking together a new blog that uses a few mathematical equations. I'd
like to get the "equals" symbols lined up to make it look clearer. To do
this I've tried using a <table>, but this puts a big gap in my page just
before the table. /

  Does anyone know how I can remove the  gap or maybe how I could align the
"equals" signs another way?



P.S.  Please reply here as the email address is fake.

Re: Lining up 'equals' signs

Lazaroo wrote:

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Don't use tables for that. It's an overkill. You make your life more
miserable by adopting this habit.
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It took me a while to understand what you were trying to achieve. Perhaps
the explanation was not sufficiently clear.

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For anything of this sort, when you want to indent properly, use fixed-sized
fonts like 'courier'. With CSS you should be able to use the <code> tag to
achieve something more robust than specifying a font.

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I hope it helps,


Roy Schestowitz

Re: Lining up 'equals' signs

On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 11:38:44 GMT, "Lazaroo"

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I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve with all those <br />
elements scattered in and around various table elements, but if you
eliminate them thusly:

  <td>(bonus) - (deposit + bonus) * (wager requirement) * (expected
  <td>$100 - ($100+$100)*20*0.0054</td>

You might be after the effect you are looking for.

It's arguable as to whether this qualifies as tabular data, but if you
talk fast enough, you might be able to convince the purist that it's
close enough to qualify. Alternatively, the <pre> element (styled
appropriately) might do the job.

Jukka seems to have written a page on the use of mathematical
expressions on the web:


Nick Theodorakis
contact form:

Re: Lining up 'equals' signs

Roy and Nick,

Thanks for helping me with this problem.  The <br />'s were added by the
blogger software that I use.  But I tried out the <pre> solution and it's
all looking rosy now.

Thanks again,


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