Limited posting to website server.

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Someone not near me regularly updates an excel doc and sends it via
attachment to me to upload it via my FTP prgm to a folder on the hosting
computer for a website I maintain. People all over are able to access this
doc by visiting a web page I made which has some invariable information and
a link to this spreadsheet doc (which is meant to be downloaded). All this
works ok... but I want to get out of the loop on this particular doc.

I want for this person to directly post this spreadsheet doc that is in a
folder on a server without being able to access or alter other folders. At
present there is just a password for access to all the files on the server.
My preference would be not to have to "do" anything special like set access
rights and so on and/or to ask the hosting crowd to do anything, they are
not easy to deal with but give reliable service if left well alone! I
noticed a discussion on sending docs via a form recently on this forum. I
don't know if this can apply?

What would the simplest way be, assuming that security is not critical? And
that anyone who used the (unknown-to-me) method would have to try or get
lucky to see other files and folders?

I am not assuming there is a simpler way than to teach this person to use an
FTP program and do what I do. I am just hoping and wondering.


Re: Limited posting to website server.

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I found a little php/javascript to do just that, the user can "browse" their
hard disk for the file and click upload (password optional). You need to set
the folder permissions to "777". Unfortunately my server was having none of
it so I deleted the script.

Have no fear, "teh uplaod codez" are here:

-=# Amos E Wolfe #=-

Re: Limited posting to website server.

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This really depends on what type of webserver and what's programming
languages or services are available and how much control you have over it.

So if you have something like Php, perl or ASp (or a myriad other
technologies) you can put together a form with a <input type="file"> tag
which would submit the file to a server-side script.
Otherwise, if you have control over the ftp server, you could create another
account which only had access to the folder where the excel doc resides.


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