Limit to size of POST in forms?

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I am posting this question again as last time I'm afraid I didn't get an
answer I could use to solve my problem. You can post your answer to either
alt.www.webmaster or to alt.html.

I am running Apache Oracle http server 1.3.22 and I have written a jsp where
the size of the information sent in a form with the POST procedure can be
very large: long description fields together with a long list of pathnames
of files. The POST event sends of this information to another jsp where file
uploading is done.

The problem is that when the description and/or the list of pathnames is
very long, the jsp window just hangs (there isn't even an hourglass to tell
the user it is busy processing).

I have independently tested making very large uploads with a non-browser
java program to my Oracle CMSDK area (files in a database with metadata) and
there seems to be no limit to that.

I suspect the problem is with the size of the strings that are posted to the
next jsp, before the upload is done. In any case, uploading only starts in
the next window, so one can expect the browser to display the next window,
then in that second window hang on the upload, if the upload was the
problem. However, I never get to my next window.

In addition, I also have this problem in another jsp where there is no
uploading but again, very large description fields.

I have tried manually setting the contentlength with the build-in http
response/request functions i.e.


But this does not help at all - and if you check the contentlength without
setting it first with

int contentlength = request.getContentLength()

the size of the content is automatically adjusted for the amount of
information in the page. However, over contentlength around 1500 the page
always just hangs forever.

Is there a limit to the size of the information that can be sent via a POST
event? If so, is there a place where this can be changed?
Is the limit a web server limitation, or perhaps a limitation of the
browser? Most people here use Internet Explorer.

Any help or information will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Limit to size of POST in forms? wrote:

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It totally implementation dependent. Could be 200 characters, or 20000.

If you really need to move that amount of data then you should be using ftp
or writing to sockets or similar.

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