Legit 3rd-party email services for huge lists?

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(If there is a better newsgroup for this, please let me know.)
We're looking for some kind of legitimate 3rd party email service that
we can use to email announcements and notices to our thousands of
wholesalers and customers, without constantly triggering spam
blacklists like Yahoo and AOL mail.

See, we have wholesalers of our product and they have customers, who
we have to send emails to on a regular basis. From order and shipping
confirmations to notices of changes in the online account manager,
etc. Every time we send these out, we get our IP blacklisted by AOL
and Yahoo and others for sending spam--even though these are legit
emails to our customers! We never send emails out to people who are
not active wholesalers or their customers who have actually bought
product from us.

But we get emails all the time from legit companies like Yahoo
Greeting Cards and other non-spam companies, surely they must be able
to do it without constantly getting blacklisted.
Is there something out there that can help us?

If we can at least be able to send emails out to our couple thousand
wholesalers, that'd be OK. If there was something that would allow us
to email their customers in the name of our wholesalers, that'd be
great! (Not spoof any important header info: the reply email can all
be the same, but the FROM part would be great if it was able to have
the name of the company they bought from.)
Make sense?
Any suggestions?

Re: Legit 3rd-party email services for huge lists?

Liam wrote:

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<URL: http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp />

amoung others.


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