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  Is it possible to have each column cell in a table to be left-aligned
with each other, but also right-aligned with the cell based on the
longest content.

So a table like...


...could be output like...

      ______Left align
[[   aaa   ][bbb      ]]
[[   aaaaaa][bbb      ]]
[[   aaaaa ][bbb      ]]
        |___Right align as a group
             to the center of the table

...at the moment, the closest I have is right-aligning the TD, and in
that, having a left-aligned SPAN where I set the em width manually -
but as the page is generated dynamically, I can only really guess what
that'll be.

Thank you for any help,

Re: left-right-center aligned

mre wrote:

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Just make sure the cell width is small enough to have the
largest content touch the right side of the column, and then
left-align with a left padding?

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Re: left-right-center aligned

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Hi Els, thank you for the response.

    Sorry, I should also have mentioned in my previous post that my
table width was 100% and columns were 50% each

  I tried playing around with different ideas based on your reply, and
the best I came up with this (below) - are there better ways? I don't
know how to make something small enough to fit the largest content -
how's it done? - or was that response based on the fact that I'm an
idiot and forgot to mention the width of my table/cells?

<table style="width: 100%;">
 <td width="1px"><div style="white-space: nowrap;">abc def</div></td>
 <td width="50%">fdsafd</td>
 <td width="1px"><div style="white-space: nowrap;">a b c</div></td>
 <td width="50%">fdaf</td></tr>

Thank you for your help :)

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