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Hi. I'm taking  programming in college, and one of my classes is on web
development, and we're learning about XHTML and CSS. I've learned that my
professor's site doesn't validate, and when I try to validate my pages with
his suggested DOCTYPE it won't. I have a friend that's really good with this
stuff (at least compared to me) and he gave me the proper doctype (he says
the prof's is 3 standards ago).

Anyway, my question to the group is:
How can I learn this stuff on my own? Are there any good, up-to-date books
on the subject?

My friend's sites are all validated in XHTML Strict and I'd like to get
there too. (right now, I have some basic pages that validate as
Transitional, but that's no big accomplishment.)

TIA for any help you can offer,

btw, apologies for any misuse of words or misspellings. you can tell I'm new
to this.

Re: Learning XHTML and CSS

Thus spake Some Guy:
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The W3C School (http://www.w3schools.com /) is pretty good.


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Re: Learning XHTML and CSS

Some Guy wrote:
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Are you sure?  there a few reasons to build a page to a XHTML DocType.  The
one above isn't one of them.  The doctype of choice for new pages is 4.01

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I disagree - that is a splendid step in the right direction.  remember
validation is only one of the inputs to your common-sense processor.

In any event, have fun
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