Layers Problem

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Hi there,

This may be more of an HTML problem than a PHP problem but as I am a
beginnger at both I hope you will spare some compassion!

I was up till 4 am last night and spent a solid 6 hours doing nothing but
trying to understand and learn why the layers on the 2nd page of my script
aren't working properly!

The co-ordinates all look pretty bang on to me - especially Result +
Status/2 which are both left aligned by their left co-ordinate but which
rarely meet that way! (These layers contain the red bit of paper that shows
the result of the round and then either the icons to play again or a
congratulation to the end of the round message respectively.)

It seems to be draws, rather than wins/losses that cause the positions to
change - I'm not sure - I can't work it out for the life of me!

I wouldn't ask if I thought I could work it out but I've been staring at if
for so long without success that I am starting to think it's something
beyond my expertise! I'm only just starting out with PHP and am working my
way through a SAMS book at the moment - any help you can give me would be
greatly appreciated!

The page is at but I presume you need
to see the code and as far as I know that means I have to post this ?

Many many thanks for ANY help anyone can give me! I know the logic and the
layout of the site may still be teething but these layers are my bug of the

Thanks again,


PS. Good luck with the game!

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