Launching a local program

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I'm trying to make a link in an HTML document hosted on the web that =
will launch a program on the client's computer that they already have =
installed.  I can point it to the program's exe file with a parameter =
set but it asks permission to run a program.

What I want to do is have someone click a link on our website and launch =
a game they have installed and have it join our server at a certain IP =
addy.  This works as a desktop shortcut, but I am not having luck =
launching it from an Internet link.

Any ideas where I can look for answers?  The pop up scares people off so =
I am trying to avoid that.



Re: Launching a local program

First, turn off HTML formatting in newgroups.

Xplanes wrote:
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Wow, not that's a scary thought! No, think of the security implications.

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Normally it works the other way around, You have a game that is a local
app and while you are running it locally within the game you connect to
the remote server, not the other way around. Done this way for the same
  security reasons

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As it should. Do a little searching on this NG and you will see ample
like questions with similar answers.

Take care,


Re: Launching a local program

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Microsoft do it all the time, in fact they could probably disable/cripple
most of the worlds PC's, now that is scary, except for those of us
who are so ****ed off with MS$ that they have blocked all call homes
at their firewall.

Re: Launching a local program

To further the education of mankind, vouchsafed:

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I believe they do this with active-x techniques which have been hailed as
the pace-setting technology of the industry.  Of course MS was the one
doing the hailing, but if they don't know what they're doing, who does?

Infinity has its limits.

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