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Re: last line not displaying

On Thu, 01 Mar 2012 12:03:02 -0800, thedarkman wrote:

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In this case, the error usually occurs before the indicated point.
However, the validator doesn't know where you went wrong, it only knows
that when it reached the indicated point, it encountered invalid, for
that point in the whole sequence of elements, markup.

What is wrong is that somewhere *before* this line you have inserted a
valid start tag of an element that can not contain a <p> element, but
have not closed that start tag, and so you can not start a <p> here.

You do this a lot, you have been told about it in the past, and you have
ignored what you have been told, so I see little point in reminding you
yet again of which elements must go inside which other elements.

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In this case, it is pointing pretty accurately to the problem, namely an
attribute of the indicated element that has been incorrectly declared.

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Yes, you just need to fix the broken html. But I'm not going to bother
telling you how to do it, because you never listen when people do.

It has become apparent that the only way that you will code valid html is
when it prevents your pages being displayed. Therefore, the best strategy
for the rest of us to adopt is not to fix your pages for you, but instead
to point and laugh until you either learn to get it right or find someone
else to bother.


Denis McMahon

Re: last line not displaying

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Is it my fading memory or have I really heard this before? <g>


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