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Hi there,

I am building a website which among others has three pages of text.

The first page is written in Dutch, the second page in English and the third
page in both Dutch and English.

Do I have to write at top of the first page lang=NL, on top of the second
page lang=EN-GB,  and on the third page both lang=NL and lang=EN-GB?

Or should I do this in a different way?

Thanks very much indeed.


Re: Language question

John Larronn wrote:

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For most purposes, it really doesn't matter. Browsers generally ignore the
lang attribute, and search engines care even less - partly because lang
markup is so often plain wrong (e.g., lang="en" sput out by clueless
authoring software irrespectively of the language actually used).

You can only have one lang attribute per element, so if you want to use
language markup for the bilingual page, use <html lang="..."> according to
the main language and use lang="..." for any element in the other language.

Using lang="en" is usually better than lang="en-GB", since the few programs
that recognize language markup might understand the simpler form only. And
how often would it really matter to software which version of English you
are using?


Re: Language question

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Thanks very much for your quick reply, Yucca.!

A nice website you have got. I have put it in My Favourites.



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